Valentine Dancers wanted for Sweetheart Ball at Emeritus, Feb 10th

Amy Hanlon, the “Life Enrichment Director” at Emeritus (the former Inn at Marietta) in Reno, outside Marietta would love to have some dancers at their Sweetheart Ball to dance for the residents. Bill and Sue have danced a few times, and had fun. You are dancing on a low dense carpet, which seemed to be ok. You cannot do any huge turns or pivots, but otherwise it dances fine. It does clean up your dance shoes!! Amy did not tell us who or how the music was being provided this year, but in the past it was the (younger) Doug Hess Trio. He was very accommodating to changing the tempo to suit the dancers. They also have offered (in the past) the dancers to partake in their nice spread of food. But, the most important thing is that the residents REALLY appreciate you being there for them!

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Amy Hanlon at 740-373-9600 or email

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