George Hall Dance

This info concerns a good opportunity to practice your ballroom dance steps, on the last Sun. afternoon in January, & your input is needed.  Our hope is that you will respond to  Rita Lamp soon; she and another ballroom dance enthusiast wish to offer dance music by George Hall (keyboardist) at the Shrine Club in Belpre on January 29, 2012.  They have a room and the rate for George.  In trying to get a feel for how many would be attending, in order to set a price at the door, they ask you to respond to the questions below.  If you think you would be interested in going on a Sunday afternoon on the last Sunday in January to the Shrine Club in Belpre (which has a wooden floor), e-mail Rita Lamp at or call her in the afternoons at 304 580-0456.  Right now they need to know 3 things:

 #1  Would you come?  (If 15 couples attend, the price would need to be approx. $24 per couple.  Price is still being decided dependent on numbers attending.)

 #2  Do you want to bring your own drinks or food if the Shrine allowed it?

 #3  Do you want food & beverages provided if you paid additionally for it? If so, what kind of food …. snacks, drinks, burgers, sandwiches, or regular meals?


Please respond directly via phone or e-mail to Rita Lamp.

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