Dance Directory

I’m working on a dance directory, and plan to have a copy for each table at tomorrow’s Tempo Club dance.   Mark and I thought this would be a good way for everyone at the dances to get to know each other better – and remembering names is always the toughest part!

I took some pictures at one of the River Cities dances last season, and a bunch at last months Tempo dance.  If you didn’t get your picture taken and have one you can share for the printed directory, please email to me at:   If I get the picture tonight, they will be included in the print out.  Please make sure you include your first and last names.  If you have any pictures of you and your dance partner, that would be the best.   I’m including pretty much just head/shoulder shots, but I will crop it down if I need to.

It will always be a work in process and I will continue to add pictures and names as I get them.  So, if you can’t get to it tonight, and I haven’t taken a picture of you recently, please still send them to me.



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