Salsa Dance & Workshop – Saturday Oct 9, 2010!

There’s a new dance opportunity in Marietta, Ohio this weekend!  SALSA!!

Comparsa, a West Virginia-based Latin music ensemble, will hold an introductory salsa workshop at 7:30 pm October 9th at Adelphia at the Galley, 205 Second St., followed by the Latin band’s show at 9 pm.

The salsa workshop is free, while the performance is $10.  The five-piece band plays popular and original Latin tunes in styles from Spain, the Caribbean, and South America, with rhythms of salsa, merengue, rumba flamenco, bossa nova, and samba.

Comparsa guitarist and band leader Eduardo Canelon and his wife/dance partner, flautist Beth Segessenman, welcome all ages to learn to dance.  Everyone must sign a waiver form and the one-evening workshop will teach basic salsa steps and a couple of turns.

Check out the details on the Galley’s site:

You can also read more about the band on The Adelphia blog site:

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Salsa Dance & Workshop – Saturday Oct 9, 2010!”

    1. No problem, Brian. It sounds like an excellent night – I will definitely be there. I’m just glad I found out about it in time. I also sent an email out to the dance community so hopefully we’ll get more dancers!

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