Shag Dances and Lessons!

Here’s a note from Mike Goodwin in the MOV Shaggers.

We will start with some intermediate lessons again next week. Also we will be back at our normal time of 7 PM.  I think Randy will be back from Chicago and playing the tunes this week. The Legion will have the food and cold beverages and all we need for a good time is YOU.  Come on out and lets have some fun dancing.

I have attached several flyers to this message.  The newest flyer is one from the North Coast Club for their Summer Picnic. Pattee and I were up there 2 years ago and had a great time. Check out their flyer and notice the deadlines on ticket sales. Hope we can have some people join Pattee and I for their dance. Also Shaggin on the Boulevard in Charleston is coming up fast and be aware of the price increase on tickets at the end of this month. It is a busy couple of months but that’s what we like lots of dancing. Seeing our friends and making some new ones.  I hope to see you on a dance floor soon.

Also – check out the flyers for upcoming area dances!

SHAKERS May 24_2013

Shaggin on the Boulevard June 14-15  see below…

North coast picnic June 29 2013

riverside party 13 -flyer_July 27, 2013

flyer boogie bash Aug 15- 17 2013

SOB_June 2013

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