River City Ballroom Dance Club – Meeting July 25, 2012!

Hi Dancers!

The annual membership meeting for the River Cities Ballroom Dance Club is Wednesday, July 25th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Country Club dining room. I encourage anyone who has not yet joined, but would like to see the River Cities Ballroom Dance Club continue, to please send in your membership dues now!!!

Mail them to Clint Holley, 109 Merryhill Street, Marietta, OH 45750. Clint’s telephone # is (740) 373-0782.
His e-mail is: clintonholley @ suddenlink.net.

As with Tempo Club, we need a minimum number of couples to pull this off every year. SO FAR WE HAVE 21 COUPLES/MEMBERS. With 21 memberships at $200, we will have $4,200.00. Bands run around $900 to $1,000. The venue costs around $400 to $500 per dance (food or no food). So a good working number is $1400 per dance. With $4,200.00, plus the small carry over, that gives us 3 dances. For 5 dances, we need $7,000. With the $750 carryover, we need a minimum of 31.25 member couples at $200. (31.25 x $200 = $6250 + $750 carry over = $7,000 / 5 = $1400.)

If we do not get enough members, it will be important for the current paid members to help decide what to do. Continue with less dances? We do have guest couples, but not THAT many!!!

OR: Just let the Club gracefully fade away?  With the carryover from last year we could NOT have a dance with a band. (So no “going out with a bang!”) Ideas? Dance with a DJ? Just a party? Donate the carryover?

So please plan on coming to the meeting, (and let Clint know you plan on coming!) If you want to come early and eat: LET ME KNOW. We need to give them advance warning so that they have enough food for our hordes! ( I am the contact person for the Country Club. )

New member are welcome! Come to the meeting armed with a check!

See you on July 25th, if not before.

Sue Montera, Dance Director

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