River Cities Ballroom Dance – Tonight! November 6, 2009

Tonight is the second dance in the 2009 series for River Cities. The evening is guaranteed to be filled with a lively crowd – bigger than ever! Bill is hosting his students tonight. His usual Friday night dance lessons will be a the Lafayette instead of the Betsy Mills. Same times: Session 1: 5:45 – 6:45 and Session 2 plus Workshop: 6:45 – 7:45. The live music will begin at 8 pm. For the regulars – please welcome the guests and I’m sure they’ll welcome any dance tips you may have. If you haven’t been to a formal dance yet – now is your chance! You won’t be the only beginner on the dance floor. It will be a great way to brush up on your dance moves and enjoy a night out!

The band is Sonny Sky’s Skylites. Read details in the River Cities Dance Club Link to the right, or click here: River Cities Dance Club

Hope to see you tonight!
Nancy & Mark

Dance Night THIS Friday – October 30th!

The Next Dance Night will be October 30th. So – look for the perfect Halloween Dance outfit for that night. I LOVE Halloween, so be prepared to dance in your favorite vampire cape or Marti Gras Mask. Any dance that close to Halloween has to be a blast. If you are a HalloweenMark and Nancy fan and want to add to the decor, let me know – or just bring your decorations! To learn more, click the Dance Night link to the right under pages!

Special…Join the Tempo Dance Club and get a free pass to Dance Night! You can join the Tempo Club this Friday at Dance Night!


Beth and Ray at the Layfayette  - River Cities Dance

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley ballroom dancing is not a spectator sport! Every week hundreds of couples engage in dance lessons and attend dances, enjoying the social, physical and emotional benefits that dancing provides.

Our dance community is made up of a diverse mix of people who have become a community through ballroom dance. Whether you aspire to be a social dancer or achieve a higher level of ballroom dance skills, we invite future dancers of all ages to come join us and experience the fun, friendship and elegance of ballroom dancing.

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