River City Dance Announcement

Hello Dancers,

After careful consideration of Federal, State & Local Government mandates regarding Corona virus, plus the strong and urgent advice from the Medical Community, we have decided to cancel the remaining two River Cities dances coming up on March 28, 2020 & April 25, 2020.

We have already added another dance date to the fall schedule and will apply funds left over after the cancellations towards it and a larger band for that dance. Our dance committee has been working on a schedule for next season and are currently looking at band availability. I’ll share with you the tentative schedule that we will be voting on at our annual meeting this summer. Notice we have also worked out a date with the City of Marietta to try out the renovated Armory, which should be a fun place for another Halloween Masquerade themed dance like last year.

Oct 3, 2020                 Scott Kitchen Big Band          Wayside UMC Hall

Oct 24, 2020               TBD                                        Marietta Armory

Nov 14, 2020              TBD                                        Wayside UMC Hall

Dec 5, 2020                 TBD                                        Wayside UMC Hall

March 27, 2021           Scott Kitchen Trio                   Wayside UMC Hall

May 1, 2021                TBD                                        Wayside UMC Hall

If you have questions about this cancellation or schedule for next season, please email me.

I wish you well and pray you all stay safe during this troubling time.

Susan Huck

RCBDC President




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