Bill Held’s Dance Classes – starting up again!

Here’s a note from Sue Montera:

Hi Dancers!!
Bill is feeling better and wants to get back to dancing!  
We are going start classes, slowly.  We will continue with the 2nd 10 weeks of the first year curriculum, and also continue with the Workshop class, year 4 and on… starting this Monday in Parkersburg at St Paul’s Methodist Church.    If anyone wants to join either of the Monday classes, even if it will be a review for you, please contact me!
We are waiting on the Marietta classes until it cools off and we can go back to the Betsey Mills gym.  We have heard nothing from the Putnam Commons, so Tuesdays are on hold for now.   Hopefully we will be able to fit everyone in to either the Monday classes, or the Friday classes in the Fall.

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