Big Band Dance Sunday, Oct 4, 2015

Listen and dance to the sounds of a Big Band!  We are fortunate to have a 16 piece ballroom dance band in our area!  Please be sure to schedule the dances on your calendar this year.  Our usual “Big Band Brunch” has evolved into some Sunday dances, and some Saturday evening dances.  All of the dances are held in Lubeck, WV.  Check out the details below.  We hope to see you on the dance floor!

Doug Hess Big Band
Live 16 piece ballroom dance band, featuring Latin Rhythm Section.

Dress Dressy

$25 per couple or $12.50 per single

Big Band schedule

Sunday Oct 4, 1:30-3:30
Saturday Nov 14, 7:30-10 pm        Please bring a dessert or finger foods
No dance Sunday Dec 6, watch for a downtown dance event instead.
Saturday Jan 9,  7:30-10 pm
Saturday Feb 6,  7:30-10 pm
Sun March 6, 1:30-3:30
Sun April 3, 1:30-3:30
Sun May 1,         Last dance until next Fall, 2016
Sun Oct 2,  1:30-3:30
Saturday Nov 12,  7:30-10 pm
Sun Dec 4,  1:30-3:30

Food: Bottled water and pop available for $1.00. An alcohol-free event.

Where: At Lubeck Community Center; from downtown Parkersburg follow US 50 WEST toward Lubeck. Take Route 68 exit and turn left. Go 2.4 miles, turn left onto Lubeck Road at the square dancing sign. Go 0.275 miles, passing Lubeck Elementary on the right. At the end of the school you will see Lubeck Community Center on your left.

The Lubeck Community Center has a wonderful wood dance floor, the size of a basketball court.

For further info: Contact Mestemachers at Joyce 304-422-7424 or Felice 304-482-3634

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