Dance Shoe Distributor in Charleston, WV

Dance Shoes for Gary Surbaugh

Very Fine


I have accepted a distributorship thru Very Fine DanceSport shoes and will be selling in the Charleston and surrounding areas.

We are in a position to offer very competitive pricing to our customers. You may visit the website at and browse the sections and find just about any shoe style, color, heel height you desire. They have many styles which each offer different qualities. Please contact us to assist you in your selection and answer any questions you may have.

We have purchased a large variety of shoes over the years including DanceSport, International Star, Freed, Supadance and Dance Naturals (to name a few) and believe Very Fine to be a great shoe at an exceptional price.

Gary Surbaugh

Event Planning by Design LLC

Business 304-776-0295

Fax 304-776-7680

Cell 304-419-5636

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