April 13, 2013 Tempo Club Dance in Parkersburg, West Virginia

WV Dance will be DJ’ing the April 13, 2013 Tempo Club dance.  This dance will take place at the Wayside Methodist Church, 3001 Grand Central Avenue, Vienna, WV.  The dance will take place from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.  Both singles and couples are welcome.  This dance will allow participants to dance all different types of ballroom, swing, and Latin dances, and the dress for the dance will be casual.Cost of attendance is $15 per person for non-members.   No pre-registration is required.  You may pay at the door with cash or check.

Snacks and bottled water are provided by the Brick House Cardio Club, Parkersburg.  You are also invited to bring your own snacks and drinks; however, this event is alcohol free and also smoke free.

Please contact us at info@wvdance.net for further info regarding the dance. 

WV Dance, Inc.www.wvdance.net



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