River Cities Ballroom Dance Saturday, Feb 2, – POSTPONED!

Feb 2nd – CANCELLED!  Postponed to March 23rd.

There is flooding at the country club, and we can’t get to the ballroom.

Here’s the note from Sue:

Wow!!!   Thank you all for responding.   I heard from 27 out of 31 member couples, plus a number of non-member couples!

The overwhelming vote was to postpone.  2 main reasons were given:

1)  the weather,

2) they preferred the Country Club!!!

In addition, I received only 12 couples, 10 member and 2 non-member, who said they would definitely come (that includes at least 1 couple I have not heard about, so I gave having the dance their vote…), which is just not enough to hold the dance.

As for the make-up date:  March 23rd was the preference: 17 member couples for March 23rd versus to 12 member couples for Feb 16th.  (11 of the 12 member couples who said yes to Feb 16 also said yes to March 23.)

So, that is that.   We will postpone until March 23rd.  I have already spoken to Scott, and I hope that Scott’s band will be able to play for us.  But if he cannot, I will try to have him for our last dance.


If you have any questions, please contact:  suemontera@sudddenlink.net or susan_huck@frontier.com

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