Dancing With The Stars in Parkersburg – Feb 11, 2012

The Actors Guild of Parkersburg’s fundraiser this year is “A Night of Dancing with the Stars”!   They have several couples practicing for the Feb 11th competition.  After the dancers compete, there will be time set aside for voting.  During this time, the Actors Guild is looking for exhibition dancers to entertain the crowd.  If you would like to dance at this time, please contact Nancy Miller at NancyMillersEmail@Gmail.com.  You can choose a song and practice a dance.  You can choose to dance alone, or share your song with all the volunteer dancers. Mark and I may do a waltz, but haven’t picked out a song yet.  We will definitely share the song so everyone who is interested will join us.  After the voting and exhibition dancing, the floor will be open to everyone to dance.

Below is the article from Paul Lapann at the News and Sentinel:

Dance couples have been selected for the Actors Guild of Parkersburg’s “A Night of Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser Feb. 11 at the Parkersburg Art Center. Parkersburg’s version of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” will feature the following celebrities first and their professional dance partners next: Reinnie Leavitt and Bob Heflin, Ronnie Talbott and Morgan Heflin, Lee Rector and Michele Johnston-Weaver, Bob Newell and Aurora Held, Scott Eckels and Allison Cullen, Mike Cameron and Katie Cheuvront, and Allison Rhea and Bill Snider. Tickets for the 7 p.m. event are $25 each or $40 for a couple and can be purchased in advance atwww.actorsguildonline.org. The public can vote by donation for their favorite dance couple before the competition (after Feb. 1) by using the Actors Guild’s website and at the dance, said Robin White, event spokesman. The night will include exhibition dancing, an open dance floor, food and drinks.

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