Bill Held’s Dance Lessons begin Monday, Nov 28th!

Holiday Sessions begin this week (Monday), with Parkersburg & Marietta classes combining at the Parkersburg location (St.Paul’s United Methodist Church, corner of 11th & Market St). Ballroom I will begin at 5:45 PM, Ballroom II at 6:50 PM, and Workshop at 7:55 PM. Bill & Sue have been working on the content for these classes, and plan to teach Polka & Swing steps to all level classes the first 2 Mondays.

“We will be working on Polka and Swing (and review as requested) in the Holiday sessions for the first two weeks. We have a lot of Swing and Polka steps and technique for all the classes. We have worked all day putting together the lists and working on the steps. The Polka steps will be very nice because they can be used as a “ballroom” Polka or a “Barroom”, whatever the situation requires.”  – Bill

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