River Cities Schedule! First Dance August 27!

August 27, 2011: with the Gary Stewart Quintet 

November 12, 2011:   band  being scheduled 

February 11, 2012:   band  being scheduled 

April 14, 2012:   band being scheduled 

May 12, 2012:    band being scheduled

All dances are formal, and are  held at the Marietta Country Club, from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.  This is our second year at the Country Club.  The County Club has made great efforts to make us welcome, and everyone has expressed their appreciation for the comfortably elegant ambiance and the wonderful wood dance floor.

Membership is $200 per couple for the season.   Single members, at $100 per person, are welcome!   Contact Clint Holley at clintonholley@suddenlink.net  or Sue Montera at suemontera@suddenlink.net with questions or to join!


See you in August!


Sue Montera,
Dance Director

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