George Hall Dance, March 6th

The Marietta American Legion (8th & Wooster Streets) has agreed to host these dances, with music by keyboardist George Hall.  (Some of you may not know that the Legion had canceled the 2011 contract for last Sunday of each month dances, due to lack of profitability).  They are willing to give this a try, with the new time frame and NOT offering a meal. The fee will be $12 per person, for 4 hours of dancing, payable at the door, cash only.  Reservations are not required.  As always, a cash bar will be available for assorted beverages.

1 – 5 pm
We agreed to “spread the word”, and are encouraging you to take this wonderful opportunity to practice your new dance steps, and to brush up those older steps!  Most of you are aware that George Hall plays a nice variety of very danceable music.  Please share this news with any dancers you know. If we all support this, these dances may again be a regular event.
Sue & Bob St. Jean

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