Tempo Dance Saturday Nov 20th – Ron Warren Band!

Hope to see you Saturday night in Parkersburg, WV at 8 pm!  Dance the night away with your favorite partner to the sounds of the Ron Warren Band.

The dance will be at the new Shriners Center in Parkersburg.  (By the old Holiday Inn on 7th Street)  Shriners Center 244 Watson Ave. Parkersburg, WV 26101

  • 8 -11 pm
  • Shriners provide for sale snacks and a full bar, members are encouraged to purchase snacks and please do not bring liquid refreshments into Shriner Center
  • Semi-Formal dress – jacket and tie for the gentlemen and a cocktail dress for the lady.

Per couple individual dance admission is $50

Per couple Member invited guest dance admission is $40.
Please note, a couple may attend as an invited guest one time.

Prorated Membership Fee  (We are in the second dance of the season)
Dance:     Past Year Member /   New Member
1:   $240  / $200
2 :  $225  / $185
3 :  $180  / $150
4:   $135  /  $115
5:    $ 90  / $ 80
6:    $ 50  / $ 50

For more information call Peter at (740) 749-0096.

Peter Ianniciello
Tempo Club President

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