River Cities Ballroom Dance Sunday, April 18th!

The February Dance for the River Cities dance club has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 18th from 5 pm – 8:30 pm at the Lafayette Hotel in Marietta, Ohio.

Due to the Sunday afternoon schedule, the hotel has allowed a deviation from hotel policy and will allow us to bring food. Sue Montera suggests that everyone bring a cold finger food type of dish that can be shared with others, sort of a “pot luck” but not hot foods.

The band is Warren Brothers Combo. Several of you noted a very good dancer at the New Year’s Eve dance at the Legion- well THAT was Ron Warren and his wife!!! As a dancer himself, he KNOWS what dancers need as far as tempo, time, etc.

The cost is $75 per couple with a reservation (that means you have called or e-mailed Sue Montera in advance – you do not have to pay in advance.) The final band is the Dan Zola Orchestra (May 7TH- AND NO CLASS THAT NIGHT) a 19 piece big band from the Cleveland area. The Club members love this band because they are tight and have such a great sound. Imagine what you would pay to travel to see a band like this! (Gas, hotel, food, not to mention the time to drive there and back.)

 Questions?  Contact Sue Montera Dance Director 740-376-0775 suemontera@suddenlink.net OR Clint Holley 740-373-5022 clintonholley@suddenlink.net

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