Tempo Club Ballroom Dance – Saturday March 13 – Ambrose Hall

Ambrose Hall , Belpre/Porterfield
8 to 11 PM

This Saturday the Tempo Club will hold its final dance at Ambrose Hall after which the club will move to the new Shriners’ Hall in Parkersburg. It is appropriate that the Ron Warren Band will play at this dance since I often refered to them as our “house band” at Ambrose Hall. Ron’s group always provides a wonderful mix of dance music.

Admission is $45 or $35 if you come as the guest of a member, a one time opportunity. You may also attend this dance and the April 17th dance as a club member by joining the club for $60.

 Hope to see you there!  Peter Ianniciello

* Remember you are able to bring your own food & soda’s to this facility!

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