Tempo Ballroom Dance – Feb 20, 2010

The next Tempo dance will feature the Annex Band from Cambridge OH. This is a 16 piece big band under the leadership of Berk Jones. Berk is a talented musician and band leader, but most importantly he continues to inspire this group of musicians to preserve the “big band” sound in our current musical environment. The band’s renditions of traditional and more current numbers are spot on and show the commitment the band has to the music and their audience. The ages of the band members span decades, but they are unified in their love of the music and their high standard of musicianship. Every time I hear this band my confidence in the preservation of our American musical heritage grows. I know they enjoy playing for the Tempo Dance Club and we certainly enjoy having them. This is a dance you do not want to miss!

Come out and enjoy a wonderful night of music and dance! The dance begins at 8 pm at St. Ambrose Church in Little Hocking, Ohio.

Per couple individual dance admission is $45.
Per couple Member invited guest dance admission is $35.   Please note, a couple may attend as an invited guest one time.

*Special – Attend the February 2010 dance and join the club for $90! 
That breaks down to $30 for three dances!

– Peter

For more info, visit: Tempo Dance Club
Questions? Contact Peter Ianniciello at lovefoxtrot@live.com or call (740) 749-0096.

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