Tempo Dance – Saturday November 14!

Tempo Dance Club Dance this weekend!  Guests Welcome – $35 per couple.   New members encouraged at a pro-rated rate of $128!

Tempo Members –  If we have two or more member couples each invite and bring a guest couple to the dance, the member couples will be entered into a drawing to win $40.  The guest will pay the $35 guest fee and will be able to join the club for the remaining four dances for an additional $128. If the visiting couple joins on Saturday night they will be given one free couple pass to a Friday “Dance Night” worth $15.

The dance begins at 8 pm at St. Ambrose in Little Hocking, OH.  See the Tempo Dance Club link on the right, or click here: Tempo Dance Club 

The Ron Warren Band will be playing the dance tunes! 

See you at the dance.


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