River Cities Ballroom Dance – Tonight! November 6, 2009

Tonight is the second dance in the 2009 series for River Cities. The evening is guaranteed to be filled with a lively crowd – bigger than ever! Bill is hosting his students tonight. His usual Friday night dance lessons will be a the Lafayette instead of the Betsy Mills. Same times: Session 1: 5:45 – 6:45 and Session 2 plus Workshop: 6:45 – 7:45. The live music will begin at 8 pm. For the regulars – please welcome the guests and I’m sure they’ll welcome any dance tips you may have. If you haven’t been to a formal dance yet – now is your chance! You won’t be the only beginner on the dance floor. It will be a great way to brush up on your dance moves and enjoy a night out!

The band is Sonny Sky’s Skylites. Read details in the River Cities Dance Club Link to the right, or click here: River Cities Dance Club

Hope to see you tonight!
Nancy & Mark

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